Syngenta launches new herbicide, Manuscript

Post-emergent herbicide targets grassy weeds like crabgrass

Syngenta announced on Monday that it has launched a new herbicide to help manage mature grassy weeds.

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syngenta manuscript herbicideThe new herbicide, Manuscript, is designed for post-emergent control of weeds like crabgrass, especially during warm weather when turf is actively growing.

“Manuscript provides lawn care operators with a needed solution for controlling large grassy weeds, while also being easy to use,” Lane Tredway, Ph.D., technical services manager for Syngenta, said in a statement. “It demonstrates excellent turf safety, even in the heat of the summer. It also remains stable in a spray tank at neutral to acidic pH levels, enabling it to remain in the tank overnight without wasting any product.”

The new herbicide uses pinoxaden with a built-in safener to enable spot treatment of weeds. It has an ACCase mode of action, and is packaged with Adigor surfactant, which is designed to maximize absorption and improve rainfastness, according to Syngenta.

Stephanie Schwenke, turf market manager for Syngenta, pointed to Manuscript’s ability to control large grassy weeds. “It will help empower lawn care operators to provide a new level of service to homeowners that can control long-standing weed challenges and manage mature weeds,” Schwenke said in a statement.

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