Superior site of latest EAB detection

This is the fifth confirmation of emerald ash borer within the quarantine area
The detection in Superior follows one in Lyons earlier this year. (Photo: Yodke67, Dreamstime)

Add Superior to the list of areas where emerald ash borer has been found. State officials recently confirmed the presence of the pest in the southeast Boulder County town, the Colorado State Forest Service announced in late June.

EAB was found in a trap on public property along the Mayhoffer Singletree Trail, according to a statement, before being confirmed in multiple trees on private property. The town had already been removing young ash trees and treating mature trees on public property, according to CSFS.

Residents are responsible for treating or removing trees on their own property. The Colorado Department of Agriculture maintains a list of arborists, sawyers and waste haulers that do work in Boulder County and have formally agreed to abide by regulations in place by the quarantine.

Earlier this year, EAB was detected in a tree on private property in Lyons.

CSFS noted that it’s not clear if the detection in Superior is the result of natural spread or accidental transport. Superior is within the quarantine area and not far from Boulder and Lafayette, where EAB was detected in 2013 and 2017, respectively.

“At this time, EAB has not been detected in Colorado outside the county or quarantine,” CSFS noted in the statement. “However, the pest is extremely difficult to detect when its numbers are low in an area.”

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