A defensive response to a bad review may quickly get you more attention than you could ever want. (Photo: Dmytro Bilyk, Dreamstime)

5 steps to respond to negative reviews without losing customers

Nobody’s perfect, and since you simply cannot please everyone, a few negative reviews are inevitable.

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Good old word of mouth is online, giving landscapers an opportunity to grow their businesses. (Photo: Norwood Themes, Dreamstime)

Why you should cultivate and respond to online reviews

Online reviews are more important to your clients and prospective clients than you may know.

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BrightView volunteers installed 2,250 square feet of sod, 100 shrubs and perennials, and trees at this Fort Carson park. (Photo: BrightView)

The few, the proud, the green—recruiting veterans in the landscaping industry

Transitioning to civilian life can be difficult for military veterans, especially those with combat experience. Landscape companies can support veterans

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