CPS Distributors opens new branch

South Denver branch marks 14 locations in two states
This is CPS Distributors' 14th location across Colorado and Wyoming. (Photo: Lane Erickson, Dreamstime)

Heritage Landscape Supply Group, which acquired Westminster-based CPS Distributors in February, announced on Friday that it has opened a new CPS location in South Denver. The new branch features two training rooms and a 13,000-square foot showroom and warehouse.

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“We are thrilled to announce the opening of this prime new location and our first expansion under the CPS Distributors banner since joining forces with Heritage last year,” Heritage president Matt McDermott said in a statement. “The opening of this new location will make it easier for contractors across the Denver metroplex to have better access to the products and services that they rely on for their business every day.”

The new branch is the 14th location for CPS throughout Colorado and Wyoming. It will be managed by four-year veteran Nick Alexander, who has worked in several CPS branches in the Denver area.

McDermott noted that the company has “several new expansion opportunities planned across our markets.”

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In February, SRS Distribution acquired CPS and Indiana-based Automatic Supply, forming a new subsidiary called Heritage Landscape Supply Group. Heritage noted then that it “seeks to preserve the legacy of every acquired company by maintaining local brand identity and management, and the entire group will run as a family of independents rather than a national platform.”


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