Apprenticeships are 'golden ticket' to attracting and retaining skilled workers, NALP says. (Photo: Ian Allenden, Dreamstime)

NALP launches a landscaping apprenticeship program

By matching budding landscape employees with seasoned professionals, the hope is for the program to revolutionize recruitment and career development.

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A defensive response to a bad review may quickly get you more attention than you could ever want. (Photo: Dmytro Bilyk, Dreamstime)

5 steps to respond to negative reviews without losing customers

Nobody’s perfect, and since you simply cannot please everyone, a few negative reviews are inevitable.

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Good old word of mouth is online, giving landscapers an opportunity to grow their businesses. (Photo: Norwood Themes, Dreamstime)

Why you should cultivate and respond to online reviews

Online reviews are more important to your clients and prospective clients than you may know.

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Holiday decor services can carry businesses through the slow season, even in dry winters. (Photo: Andrey Burkov, Dreamstime)

5 reasons to consider adding holiday light installation to your business

Installing holiday lights can be a lucrative side gig for landscaping professionals.

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